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Miley Cyrus Is As Damp As She Is Dramatic in Her 2019 VMAs Performance of ‘Slide Away’

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/VMN19/Getty Images for MTV

The only thing more powerful than Miley Cyrus’s vocals on her 2019 MTV VMAs version of “Slide Away” is whatever skin-safe petroleum jelly was used to completely coat the singer. At Monday night’s show, Miley staged a dramatic black-and-white tableau in front of an orchestra, making for a very ’90s, very Calvin Klein, very moist performance of her new single. Just to be clear: we’re teasing, and this sounds incredible. Plus, if she wants to slide away back to the ocean like she suggests, Miley honestly just needs to make a running start and she’ll be halfway to the Jersey Shore from the Newark Prudential Center in minutes.

Miley Cyrus As Damp As She Is Dramatic in VMAs ‘Slide Away’