Miley Cyrus Has Won the Divorce

Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus. Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Despite the impulse to name a winner following a breakup, there’s really no such thing — that is, unless you’re the one who gets to keep the pets you shared with your ex, in which case Miley Cyrus has definitely won her divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

According to sources close to the dissolving couple who spoke to TMZ, Cyrus will become the sole guardian of the 15 — yes, fifteen — animals that she and Hemsworth owned together: seven dogs, two horses, two miniature horses, three cats, and one pig. While TMZ reports that Hemsworth could fight for sole or joint custody of the pets, apparently he wouldn’t have much of a case, since Cyrus was “the one who gave almost all of the animals a home in the first place.” As of now, Hemsworth reportedly has no plans to contest the arrangement.

While their breakup appeared to be amicable at first, it has become increasingly messy in the nearly two weeks since they announced their split, culminating with Cyrus denying cheating rumors in a long Twitter rant just yesterday. (As you’ll recall, Cyrus was photographed making out with Brody Jenner’s recent ex, Kaitlynn Carter, the same day that she and Hemsworth revealed they had called it quits). Additionally, in Cyrus’s breakup announcement, her rep went out of their way to assert that Cyrus and Hemsworth would “remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share.” Keywords: “Parents” (plural) and “share.” Hmm!

As of now, though, it looks like Cyrus is set to win the battle over the pets. Here’s to hoping Carter is an animal person.

Miley Cyrus Has Won the Divorce