Mayor Pete Rejected Fashion Advice From Tom Ford

Pete Buttigieg. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Things we learned about Tom Ford from his new profile in September Vogue: 1) He liked going to Disneyland because nobody recognized him. 2) He will likely return to Disneyland. 3) He seems to be in the throes of a bit of an existential crisis, judging from his quotes about how we’re a “tiny speck of a planet in the middle of an infinite number of other planets, and everything we have, what does any of it mean? Why do we struggle, why do we suffer? If I start down that road, it’s like, guess what? I think I’ll do something really important and choose the new lipstick colors for 2021.”

But one of the more interesting revelations from the profile is that Ford, master of sex, offered clothing advice to presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, of whom Ford is a “huge fan.” Ford met Mayor Pete at a lunch, and later texted Buttigieg’s husband Chasten to offer him some advice. Namely, he thought the suits were a bit too baggy (as is tradition for a politician.) The candidate’s camp didn’t take the advice.

Ford isn’t upset about it though. He told Vogue, “Obviously he can’t wear my clothes. They’re too expensive, they’re wrong, they’re not made in America. And besides, whatever he’s doing is working. So does anyone need to fuck with it?”

Mayor Pete Rejected Fashion Advice From Tom Ford