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Imagine Being Petty Enough to Inflict This Ugly Emoji House on Your Enemies

A woman in Manhattan Beach, California, was reported by her neighbors to the city for illegally renting out her house out as an Airbnb. Her revenge? Painting the house bright pink with giant, cockeyed emoji featuring those eyelashes that look like the ones people put on their Volkswagen Beetles. According to the woman’s neighbor, Susan Wieland, the lash-ladened emoji were meant to mock Wieland’s lash extensions.

As first reported by Easy Reader News, the owner of the home, Kathryn Kidd, was fined $4,000 for violating rental laws. Shortly after, Kidd painted her home in the garish design. She said that the purpose of the paint job, which was done by the artist known as Z the Art, was just to brighten up everyone’s day:

“Instead of everybody being so gloomy, always so depressed, always in other people’s business, I just wanted to send a message to be happy, be colorful, be positive, and enjoy. Everything doesn’t have to be gray. It can be full of colors. Life is full of rainbows. I get tired of looking at gloomy buildings so I do something that makes me smile and probably makes someone else smile, too. That was my inspiration.”

Fair enough! However, Wieland doesn’t buy it and sees it as an act of bullying. “I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions,” Wieland said. “It’s definitely directed. I had them done here in Manhattan Beach, and they did them way too big. Now it’s painted on the house.” “It’s mocking me. It’s heartbreaking … I mean, it’s literally staring right at me.” Wieland says she now keeps her blinds closed to avoid seeing Kidd’s house.

Kidd denies any correlation between her custom-painted house and Wieland’s lash extensions. “I’ve never been that close to her, nor do I want to be,” she said. “She can think what she wants, but it’s not. She’s probably paranoid. She has some curious issues, to say the least.”

Hmm. It’s easy to see why Wieland would take offense. Those emoji are just too suspicious. If they were truly meant to convey happiness and good cheer, wouldn’t she have chosen a typical smiling emoji or the one with the heart eyes? (Maybe even the one with sunglasses since they’re by the beach.) The zipped mouth emoji is an odd choice. Where I’m from, that clearly screams, “You’re a snitch!” Then imagine getting overly done lash extensions and seeing emoji that usually don’t have eyelashes staring at you from across the street? Where are the Real Housewives when we need them?

Now, Kidd’s neighbors are fighting to have the paint job removed. According to the Los Angeles Times, they are trying to figure out how the décor could be seen as a violation, like whether it could be considered graffiti or a safety issue, owing to passersby taking selfies in front of the house.

Bless these folks’ souls, each and every one!

This Ugly Emoji House Is Petty Revenge at Its Finest