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Did Brad Pitt Get a Benjamin Button Tattoo?

Photo: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/GC Images

Brad Pitt was spotted looking extremely hot, just being honest, at the 76th Venice Film Festival with … What’s this? There, on his right bicep? Why, it seems to be a mysterious new tattoo of a humanoid silhouette and its shadow …

… But what could it mean?

“The black design itself depicts a tall skinny man standing above of what seems to be his smaller shadow,” Us Weekly explained, of the new tattoo. “Could it be a Benjamin Button reference?” Oh God, I hope! The magazine goes on to justify its guess by noting that one of the movie’s posters featured the same sort of concept, “but with an older man.”

Now, of course we have guesses of our own here at the Cut regarding the meaning of Brad Pitt’s new tattoo:

• A man looking at his shadow thinking, “How does a shadow get made? Something with the sun, or … ? I mean. Well. Yeah, I guess it has to be the sun, now that I’m thinking about it. Or actually I guess it could be any light, if it’s behind you. Or in front of you!”

• A man whose best friend is his own shadow. :( But actually his shadow is fun to be around, and it’s not sad.

• A reference to the Fiona Apple song “Shadow Boxer.”

• It’s just a guy thinking, “Damn …”

• A reference to the Wikipedia “Analysis” section of the page for Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Shadow,” which goes like this:

“The Shadow is an exemplary story in Andersen’s darker fairy tales. Throughout the tale, the writer is portrayed as a moral person, concerned with the good and true in the world. But as it says, the people around him are not much interested in his feelings on the subject. Indeed, his shadow says he does not see the world as it truly is.

The shadow claims to have seen all that is in the world, but does not own a soul himself. He strongly desires to own a shadow of himself, and later asks his former master to reverse the roles on their trip. When the learned man finally realises how far his shadow has degraded, it is already too late.

The ending is especially bleak for a fairy tale, as Andersen suggests that it is not always good that triumphs, and that evil does indeed have a powerful grip over the good and just.”


• Just a cool thing he saw and wanted as a tattoo.

Obviously these are all inferior to the Benjamin Button rumor which, indeed, we are spreading right now. Did Brad Pitt (hot) get a tattoo to commemorate his movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 11 years after its release? Huh. Can’t say for sure either way, but it seems possible!

What Could Brad Pitt’s New Tattoo Possibly Mean?