The Look Book Goes to a Beard and Mustache Competition

Dozens of people with impressive facial hair gathered in Coney Island to compete for titles like “Best Partial Beard and Chops” and “Best Mustache Styled.”

Joe Capo, 44, Technology Liquidator, California. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Is this your first competition?
I’m not even supposed to be here. Me and my girlfriend came to Coney Island straight from her niece’s bat mitzvah in Gowanus. I wanted a hot dog and some clams. I’m eating my Nathan’s, and this guy Lou comes up, and he’s like, “Hey, are you going to the beard competition?” I’m like, “Very funny, man.” He leaves and comes back with this other guy, and he’s like, “Tony, this guy’s coming to the competition.” Then I realized he was serious. My girlfriend was hoping for a nice dinner, not a beard competition, but I was like, “Babe, I gotta go with Lou and Tony.”

How’d your beard do?
It was like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Everyone’s dressed up like a colonel, and there’s one guy trying to bribe the judges with cash. And there
I am in my bat-mitzvah khakis.

Lee Fenwick, 50, Personal Trainer, Connecticut. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Adam Rinn, 47, Sideshow Performer, Long Island. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Mario Crescenzo, 47, Administrator, Staten Island. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Do you ever admire other men’s beards?
Well, I love when Sikhs give me a wink on the street. Those guys are beard goals, so it’s a big compliment.

Christopher Crescenzo, 36, Self-Employed, Queens. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Ryan Gasuk, 35, Stay-at-Home Dad, Connecticut. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Anthony Natale, 59, Physical Therapist, Manhattan. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Eddie Kimmerling, 52, Truck Driver, Long Island. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jesse Kelly, 33, Motorcycle Mechanic, the Bronx. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Does the beard cause any problems?
You know, you wouldn’t believe how many people just come up and touch it. I’m like, “Don’t do that, please.”

Benjamin Meyerson, 33, Musician, Brooklyn. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Antony Solino, 47, Teacher, Brooklyn. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Angad S. Chotalla, 28, IT Consultant, Manhattan. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Harris Falk, 47, Consultant, Connecticut. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Steve Brook, 62, Artist, Michigan. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
John Vohs, 36, IT Consultant, Manhattan. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Craig Keough, 34, Human Resources, Connecticut. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Do you enter these often?
Yes. I placed eighth at the world competition in Antwerp. I have a vanity license plate that says XLBEARD.

Rob Weiner, 51, Unemployed, Long Island. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Do you get a lot of attention?
Once someone told me they saw me on a documentary about sideshows. I was like, “I’ve never been in a documentary.”

Gerry Spiller, 40, Mover, New Hampshire. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Mark Burdick, 50, Pile Driver, Connecticut. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

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The Look Book Goes to a Beard and Mustache Competition