The Celebrity Wellness Routine to End All Celebrity Wellness Routines

Photo: Getty Images for Snap Inc.

Another day, another bananas celebrity wellness routine. This time it’s courtesy of Miranda Kerr, who already has a long history of dubious wellness practices that would put Goop to shame. The model-turned-entrepreneur has been open about her use of crystals and energy healing. But a recently resurfaced interview, in which she describes her “wellness musts,” has unearthed a fresh spate of pseudoscientific health practices:

“We have a lot. We have the air purifier. We have the stickers you put on the back of your phone for radiation. I have the EMF detector that picks up the waves in the air. I’ve had the whole house checked by a professional who looks for things like EMF waves and things like that. I even have something installed in my Malibu house to turn out all the power while we sleep. It’s basically a button that turns all the power off, except for the fridge and security cameras, in the nighttime. So when you go to sleep, you don’t have any Wi-Fi or electricity in the house at all.

It’s like going camping! I also have an alkaline water filter so I can pick the pH of our water. There’s a lot of research on that — you don’t want to be going too alkaline because you do need a little stomach acid to digest your food. I typically choose somewhere around the 7.5 to 7.9 mark for the water. Then I like using Palo Santo to clear the energy in the space, and I also have little diffusers around the house with essential oils, depending on what’s going on. We even mop the floors with hot water and eucalyptus oil, which is what my mother used to do.”

Your move, Grimes.

The Celebrity Wellness Routine to End Them All