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Prince Harry Has Gone Too Far

Nooo! Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

I regret to inform you that Prince Harry has gone too far. Almost a year to the day that Meghan Markle — his royal counterpart — went too far, Prince Harry has taken the trust we so delicately placed upon his shoulders and shaken it off, leaving it to fall to the ground with an ear-splitting car-door-slam sound effect. I am as disappointed as you are — less in him, and more in myself for ever trusting him to begin with. Yes, it brings me no pleasure to inform you that Prince Harry has closed his own car door.


The dreaded event, which allegedly breaks royal protocol that demands a royal never close their own door, took place while Prince Harry attended the fifth anniversary of the Invictus Games. (Meghan Markle committed the same dastardly deed while attending her first solo event at the Royal Academy of Arts.) We, and everyone else, have taken note — unhappily.

“Prince Harry Joins Meghan Markle in Breaking Royal Tradition by Shutting Car Door” — E! News

What did we do to deserve this misery? Are we not generally good people? Do we not wake up every morning and attempt kindness; do we not do our best?

“COMMON TOUCH Prince Harry breaks royal tradition by shutting his own car door — a year after Meghan Markle was praised for the same move” —The Sun

Does nothing matter? If we attempt to be moral and are rewarded only with suffering, what good is morality? Likewise is there any reason to be ethical?

“Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: The New Royal Tradition They Just Broke & Fans Love It” —Hollywood Life

Oh! Fans love it??????? “FANS”????? “LOVE IT”?!?!?!!? Speak for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Prince Harry follows in Meghan’s footsteps by shutting own car door - breaking tradition” —Mirror

And — BREAKING OUR HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Royal bombshell: Prince Harry breaks protocol by copying rule-breaker Meghan Markle” —Express

Personal bombshell: Nothing and no one can be trusted; there is only the self; we are alone and thinking otherwise will do us no good.

“After Meghan Markle, Prince Harry breaks royal tradition by shutting the car door himself” —The News


“Prince Harry shocks onlookers by breaking royal tradition and shutting his OWN car door — a year after Meghan Markle was praised for the same move” —Daily Mail


Prince Harry Has Gone Too Far