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A ‘Big’ Update Regarding Prince Archie

Photo: ARTHUR EDWARDS/Getty Images

Recently, Prince Harry went too far. He closed his own car door, which is against royal protocol as I’m sure you know. A nightmare situation. Though I haven’t spoken to him, I’m quite sure he is aware that this is a “forgive but never forget” sort of thing, and while I wish him peace, I know that we will never find it ourselves. Alas. He seems to be attempting to get back in our good graces by releasing an admittedly tantalizing bit of information regarding his (and Meghan Markle’s) baby, the young Prince Archie. Please, Harry — do tell.

Prince Archie, as I’m sure you know, was potentially named after a cat who got fat by eating too many grapes. Whether or not that tail (cat tail) is based in fact, it seems Archie has at least one thing in common with his potential namesake: the ability to gain mass.

While Prince Harry was visiting a high school in Luton (in England) this week, a student reportedly asked him, “How is everything with Archie?” A simple question — or is it?

“He is really well, thanks,” Harry replied, according to Page Six, which viewed the response in an Instagram video that has since been made private. Prince Harry continued, releasing the bit of information for which we have all been waiting; giving us a small taste of royal life; attempting to win us back after his grievous error regarding the car door:

“He is getting so big.”

Prince Archie is getting so big. He is getting so big. He is growing. We know that now, and we are better for it. Whether it is enough to heal the damage Harry has caused due to his inability to follow royal protocol regarding car doors, well … of course, that is to be seen.

A ‘Big’ Update Regarding Prince Archie