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These Drops Are a Good Mood in a Bottle

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It had been a kind of shitty day. It started with one offhand remark from someone — probably meant to be helpful, but it felt like a criticism — which then snowballed into me becoming super-sensitive to every subsequent interaction. I knew I wasn’t being rational, but I couldn’t shake it.

When I awoke the next morning, a cloud of self-doubt still hovering, it felt like a good time to finally try the Lord Jones CBD Formula Tincture sitting on my dresser. Made with hemp-derived CBD, it was created to promote a sense of calm and well-being. I placed the recommended dropper-full under my tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing it, and headed out for the day.

By lunchtime, the realization that I was in a much better mood hit me. More specifically, my hyper-sensitivity had lifted. There really is no other way to describe it. No great moments had occurred to raise my spirits, but they were, indeed, raised. I wasn’t high or giddy. I was just … good.

But maybe it was a fluke. Maybe the fact that the E train was pulling into the station the minute I went through the turnstile that morning had something to do with it, or the compliments I received about my Lincoln jumpsuit. So I tried the tincture a few more times over the next few weeks, and — yep — those days always felt lighter. It’s important to point out here that my moods never felt dangerously, despondently low when I reached for the drops, and neither Lord Jones nor I are making any kind of pharmaceutical claims here. But now I understand why so many people incorporate hemp-derived CBD into their daily lives.

I can’t promise that the one drop I take will lighten your mood, nor can Lord Jones. And that is the most confusing fact about CBD to me: Since our endocannabinoid systems are unique to each of us, they are balanced subjectively. The amount that works for you might not work for me. Think wine: I take three sips and I’m tipsy, but it might take three glasses for you, and I’m not judging. So you might need two or three drops, or maybe just half a drop, while I found my sweet spot at one. But once you do find your dosage, the calm should happen.

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These Drops Are a Good Mood in a Bottle