Is This the Most Beautifully Unhinged Vlog in History?

Tana Mongeau and Billie Eilish.
Tana Mongeau and Billie Eilish. Photo: Getty Images

Imagine admiring someone so much that you emulate them for an entire week; you DM them to invite them to your (probably fake) wedding; you thirstily respond to their social media posts. Okay, now imagine that same person hurting you in such a severe way that you suffer a devastating meltdown. If you have successfully completed this mental exercise, then you can empathize with Tana Mongeau, who just realized that 17-year-old singer Billie Eilish unfollowed her on Instagram.

For those who have better things to do than follow the disorienting whims of Mongeau, here’s a quick bio: She’s a 21-year-old YouTuber who once threw a disastrous alt-VidCon event, and who recently “married” equally chaotic YouTuber Jake Paul. She is also, as can be gleaned from her social media and video channels, obsessed with Eilish. Unfortunately, Eilish doesn’t seem to return the sentiment — at some point, apparently, she unfollowed Mongeau on Instagram. What happened next was pure madness.

While most people might retreat out of embarrassment or sadness — or, I don’t know, not even notice that one person unfollowed them — Mongeau instead turned on her video camera and recorded her tearful meltdown, which she uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. The title of the 15-minute-long video — which is essentially a compilation of photos of Mongeau looking sad, plus a short video in which she breaks the news — is simply “Billie Eilish Unfollowed Me.”

Because this is Mongeau we’re talking about, there’s a 99 percent chance that she’s dramatizing the incident, as well as her reaction. Hell, the description of the video is “I probably deserved it,” and while she’s on camera, she tells viewers, “I have to get views out of it because nothing else good could happen from this.”

I guess … this means … Mongeau has gotten exactly what she wants from me. Unfortunately, I simply cannot quit her!!!

Is This the Most Beautifully Unhinged Vlog in History?