Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 23

Eileen Chang, a Libra. Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, the sun enters Libra, bringing us into a season that can help restore the balance in our lives. If your relationships have tilted out of harmony, maybe now you can work to restore them. If your life has tilted away from beauty, maybe now you can find your way to shift it back. On Saturday, a new moon in Libra offers a chance to set new intentions for the days ahead: What strength will you draw from your relationships with other people, and what will you accomplish together?

Weekly Horoscope Aries


It might feel, initially, as though you’re being overlooked this week — as though no matter how bright you keep shining, nobody sees you right; as though no matter how well you do, nobody’s even paying attention. Try not to internalize this as an insult or a judgment of your value. Instead, see it as an opportunity: Right now, you don’t have to dazzle everyone so much, and you don’t have to dominate. You can relax into the simpler sweetness of living alongside other people, quietly supporting each other, quietly doing your best together.

Weekly Horoscope Taurus


For a while, you’ve suppressed your anger, and maybe this has been wise — maybe you’ve been all too aware that your body wasn’t strong enough to withstand the intense heat of it. This week, though, it’s possible that enough time has passed, that you can look at your anger without being consumed by it. It’s possible that what once was a burden might now become an energy source, or a light to guide your way.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini


You’re very good at registering what goes on around you, to the point where it can sometimes feel as though you’re noticing everything at once, and your mind can start to strain from all that it’s being asked to do. But you don’t have to start noticing less; you don’t have to try to limit your scope. Rather, this is a week for noticing patterns and connections, for seeing the symmetry and the repetitions in the world around you. By examining the bigger picture, you might find the chaos easier to bear.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer


This week, you might suddenly find yourself with a sharper sense of your place in the world. You might find yourself seeing more clearly how your own movements affect the the world’s balance. It can be terrifying to recognize that you hold some power in the world after all, but it’s not a bad or undeserved thing. This week, try to recognize the strength you’ve been given, and decide how to use it.

Weekly Horoscope Leo


Maybe your immense love for the world has started feeling more like a curse than a source of power, something that leaves you vulnerable to others. This week, though, you might feel a small shift, a small feeling of optimism that your love might be worth something after all. Think about how you can turn it into strength, into support, into solidarity. Your arms are only so strong, and your voice can only carry so far, but there’s still so much worth doing. This week, give your love every chance you can to flourish and thrive.

Weekly Horoscope Virgo


Sometimes, conclusions take longer to reach than you want them to; sometimes, even when you feel ready for answers, the world refuses to easily open up for you. And it isn’t a bad thing to be asked just to keep going. It isn’t a bad thing to continue to learn, continue to move, continue to work steadily alongside other people. Your everyday life will offer its own quiet gifts to you this week. Even if the big answers you’re looking for might not show themselves yet, that doesn’t mean you’ve been wasting your time.

Weekly Horoscope Libra


This is a week to think about reciprocity: about all the ways you’ve been loved and assisted, and all the ways you’ve turned around and offered that same love back again. It’s a week for remembering to thank the people who have made your beautiful life worth living, but also for looking around and noticing who is struggling, and reaching out when you can. This isn’t about setting debts and closing loops; it isn’t about repayment. Rather, this is a week for making sure you’re keeping all your best love in circulation.

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio


Sometimes, curiosity just feels so much like vulnerability, like an admission of how very much you still don’t know. This week, try to let yourself be curious anyway. Let yourself ask genuine questions — even the ones that reveal your imperfect understanding of the world and even the ones that reveal you don’t know where your own life will take you. It isn’t a secret that you don’t know what the future holds; after all, nobody else does, either. Curiosity can change you, and it can broaden your powers. Try, this week, to accept its gifts.

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius


Your mind is sharp enough to justify nearly anything you want to do — you can make any choice, good or bad, seem dazzling, and any move, wise or foolish, sound like the thing that will save your life. This week, it’s important that you hold onto the knowledge that you might be wrong. You might make a misstep, you might need to turn back, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s okay to turn around, to rest, to start again. You’re no more and no less human than anyone else.

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn


You might find yourself doing constant mental calculations about exactly how much happiness you deserve. You might find yourself keeping some kind of ledger in your mind: in one column, all the things you’ve done to earn beauty or safety or peace, and on the other, all the ways you’ve found yourself lacking. Your critical eye is a valuable tool, but don’t turn it so ruthlessly on yourself that you forget the truth, which is that you deserve goodness in your life, no matter what. And no matter how many times you try to calculate otherwise, it will still be true.

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius


After a period of cold reality, after a period where every truth seemed too harsh to believe, you might find yourself newly open to the world’s beauty this week. It can seem scary at first, as though having hope makes you foolish and vulnerable. But there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel optimistic anyway. There’s nothing shameful about letting your guard down enough for the smell of the sweet nighttime air to reach you. This week, let yourself be vulnerable enough to enjoy the gifts you’re being offered.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces


This week, you might feel suddenly flooded by the sheer volume of other people’s ideas, or other people’s stories, or other people’s opinions about how a person should live. And the depth and range of these different ideas can make you feel suddenly insecure about your own. Times like this, it can be easy to let that insecurity bully you into losing sight of your own specific desires, or into caring about things you don’t actually care about at all. Try to remember that you don’t have to do everything, you don’t have to be everything. You can hold steady; you can keep your focus.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 23