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15 Perfect Fall Dresses

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The beauty of a long sleeve, printed midi dress is that you can wear it almost anywhere, with almost anything. It’s endlessly appropriate and versatile. It works for a random day at the office, but you could also wear it on a first date, a job interview, a brunch, a breakfast, a wedding (if you’re the guest) … the list goes on. And it feels especially timely in the wake of the prairie dress trend, because now we’re all used to seeing patterned dresses with modest sleeves. Below are 15 of our favorite fall dresses — just add a pair of boots and you’re all set.

If You’re Feeling Flirty

The ruched neckline and the slightly puffy sleeves on this dress are super feminine, but the dark florals keep it from skewing too girlish.
Available in sizes 0–10.

If You Have a Boho Streak

Fall is the perfect time to embrace your inner Stevie Nicks with a big paisley.
Available in sizes 14–28.

If You Like Bold Florals

The ruffle detail on the top and long sleeves add some prairielike flair to an otherwise modern dress.
Available in sizes XS–L.

If You Still Want to Show Some Skin

If You’re Over Leopard Print

Snakeskin always looks cool. Always!
Available in sizes S–L.

If You Want Something Super Easy to Wear

Yes, most long sleeve, printed dresses are versatile. But one with a dainty calico print, balloon sleeves, and a kind of deep V is extra versatile.
Available in sizes S–L.

If You’re Resisiting Fall Colors

This bright floral number would look great with black boots and a dark coat.
Available in sizes XS–L.

If You Like a Shorter Hem

Everyone is wearing midi dresses now, but sometimes you just have to show off your calves.
Available in sizes 14–28.

If You’re Decidedly Not Over Leopard Print

Oh look — a new leopard print! This time in mustard yellow and forest green. Perfect if you want to get on top of spring 2020 color trends.
Available in sizes XS–L.

If You Love an Abstract Print

Is this dress printed with layers of rock? The surface of mars? A rose petal under a microscope? Who knows. It looks good.
Available in sizes DK32–DK42.

If You Want a Holiday Dress That Doesn’t Feel Like One

Plaid and tartan prints normally feel prissy. But leave it to Rachel Comey to make a red plaid dress that feels fresh.
Available in sizes 14–20.

If You Like Big Prints

The lilypad-esque print really stands out.
Available in sizes S–L.

If You Want a Classic Dress

This one is jazzed up by a wide belt and Victorian buttons along the neck.
Available in sizes 14–18.

If You Have a Packed Fall Social Calendar

A fancy, velvety, lacy, and floral option for all your fall/winter weddings, friendsgivings, and holiday parties.

If You Love Black-and-White

This Proenza dress is expensive, but it has a nice, jazzy, boss-lady appeal.
Available in sizes 0–12.

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15 Perfect Fall Dresses to Wear to Work