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19 Stylish Jackets to Get You Through Fall

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailers

Every fall, stores begin hawking certain classic forms of outerwear: the leather biker, the denim jacket, the tailored blazer. But this season, there are some other, trendier variants, like the status fleece — a brightly colored jacket-sweatshirt hybrid that will make you look like a streetwear enthusiast, even though it feels like you’re still in bed wrapped in your favorite blanket. Colored leather is also still going strong, and fashion girls are into the utilitarian look — a perennial fall favorite, though the new options are more chic than the typical field jacket. Below are 18 of our favorite fall jackets.

If You’re Just Starting a Jacket Journey

Few things make you look like a grown-ass woman like wearing a classic khaki-colored trench coat. And Everlane makes an affordable version.
Available in sizes XXS-XL.

If You Want an Under $50 Jacket

This best-selling cargo jacket has an unbeatable cost-per-wear analysis.
Available in sizes XS-XXL.

If You Want Something a Bit Edgier

So if you want a khaki-colored jacket, but not a trench coat, Ganni’s slightly remixed version is a more sculptural, edgy alternative.
Available in sizes 32-42.

If You Love Dressing Down

It’s a pretty denim jacket — what else is there to say?
Available in sizes XS-XL.

If You Love the Spotlight

A red blazer (or a red coat) is a statement, but not such a big statement that you’ll feel weird about wearing it twice a week.
Available in sizes 18-24.

If You Want a Status Fleece

A tiger-print fleece lives up to the hype.
Available in sizes 0-12.

If You Do Want a Classic Biker Jacket

From $42

No bells, no whistles, just a staple in your wardrobe.
Available in sizes XS-L.

If You Are Anxiously Waiting for Gossip Girl’s Revival

Blair Waldorf would jump at the chance to wear this cape.
Available in sizes 0-10.

If You Want Something Colorful

The mint color and shearling lapel give this a throwback ’90s vibe.
Available in sizes XS-XL.

If You’ve Been Binge-Watching The Politician

This is definitely something Astrid Sloan would wear.
Available in sizes 0-10.

If You Want to Upgrade Your Leather Jacket

A pale-pink leather blazer is the galaxy brain version of a classic black leather biker.
Available in sizes XS-L.

If You’re Dedicated to Being Comfy

This blazer-coat-cardigan hybrid looks cozy enough to nap in, but professional enough to wear to work.
Available in sizes 4-14.

If You Love a Structured Jacket

Double-breasted buttons, an angular hem, and a razor-sharp lapel all show that this jacket means business.
Available in sizes 14-24.

If You’re a Hippie at Heart

A suede jacket is classic ’70s.
Available in sizes 0-10.

If You Ignore All Fashion Rules

A chic way to wear white after Labor Day, but before everyone wants to wear “winter whites.”
Available in sizes 14-20.

If You Like the Utilitarian Look

The graceful belt and scrunched sleeves add some elegance.
Available in sizes 6-12.

If You Know You Love Biker Jackets

It’s a bit pricier, but an AllSaints leather jacket is something you’ll keep around for season after season.
Available in sizes 00-8.

If You Love a Vintage Vibe

There’s something vaguely ’80s, vaguely mod about this off-white, PVC jacket. But what isn’t vague is how stylish it is.
Available in sizes XS-L.

If You’re an Elegant Lady

A feminine, printed wool jacket is a surprising take on the jacket.
Available in sizes 1-4.

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18 Stylish Jackets to Make Any Outfit Better