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This Sustainable Oxford Is Your Next Go-to Basic

Photo: Courtesy of Naomi Nomi

There’s nothing as classic as the oxford button-up. For an easy outfit, pair one with your favorite jeans, a blazer, and loafers, and you’re set for the day. What’s not so easy is finding one in a relaxed fit that still flatters your curves. That’s where Naomi Nomi comes in — a made-to-order garment company made specifically with working women in mind.

Titled the “New Oxford”, the brand’s newest drop in a developing capsule collection of essential garments includes three button-ups in a variety of colors and fabrics. What makes it “new”? The pieces (available in white cotton, black lyocell, and green merino wool) are all constructed using a responsible production model based locally in Manhattan’s garment district. The playfully written website answers all your brand questions from “wtf is lyocell?!” (a type of fabric that is responsibly produced from sustainably sourced wood) to “wait … does this shirt fit a guy?!” (yes — the founder’s boyfriend tried it on and “hasn’t taken it off since.” He’s 5’8”). Apart from the chic menswear-inspired silhouette and extremely soft fabrics, the white oxford version is made from a Japanese cotton that is thick enough to wear a black bra underneath. No more worrying if your shirt is too sheer for the office? We’re sold. Shop the new collection below.

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This Sustainable Oxford Is Your Next Go-to Basic