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A Brand to Solve Your Underwear Problems

Photo: The Kit

Stylists know their way around undergarments. Few professions require you to be so aware of what will show, what won’t show, and what will actually work. So it’s pretty great that veteran stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche have created The KiT, a new brand of foundational undergarments.

In addition to what you’d expect (bras, bikinis, thongs), The KiT also sells bodysuits, bra extenders, nipple pasties, and bandage tape. Remember Kim Kardashian’s duct-tape hack? The KiT made a high-brow version — rip off strips, paste to your breasts, and it’ll give you the support you need for low cut or backless dresses. Coincidentally, Harouche has styled all the Kardashian-Jenner women. The KiT’s offerings include six kinds of bras, eight kinds of underwear (including an adhesive thong, should you be doing a Bella Hadid–level slit), and two bodysuits. It also has prebundled “kits,” if you want to save and buy in bulk. The Under-Packer Kit, for instance, includes the body suit, a bra, a high-waisted thong, and a low-waisted thong. There’s also a kit for the overpacker, should you want to buy seven items with ease.

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A Brand to Solve Your Underwear Problems