This Is the Brand I Trust for My Sweatiest Workouts

Photo: Cody Cutter

For better or worse, I have amassed so much athleisure as to have developed a hierarchy. There are the stretchy outfits for yoga, the cute ones for group classes in well-lit rooms, the worn leggings and shorts go with baggy shirts for everyday gym workouts. For my sweaty, high-intensity workouts, I reach for the same pair: my Wolaco sports bra and leggings. They’re thicker than my other leggings, but not compressive. But the best part is that they also come built in with a sweat proof pocket so my phone doesn’t get a covered in a thick layer of sweat while I’m working out. They’re still my go-tos on days when I’m either going to be sweating a lot, or really want to look like a capital-A Athlete.

Wolaco just launched two new products for women — a tank top in two lengths, and a pair of shorts that come equipped with some spandex underneath. The short also comes in a men’s size, as well. Because Wolaco has an edited offering, the tanks are both the perfect length to pair with the fleece, crop, long-sleeve top. If you’re going to be engaging in any high-intensity activities this fall (marathons, maybe?) these are built for those kinds of workouts. Shop the new releases, and my favorites, below.

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This Is the Brand I Trust for My Sweatiest Workouts