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Say It After Me: Rodeo-Themed Holiday Lingerie Campaign

Charli XCX.
Yee haw. Photo: Courtesy of Agent Provocateur

Bless Agent Provocateur for bestowing upon us something we never knew we so deeply desired: a lookbook of Charli XCX, clad in lingerie and a cowboy hat, seductively posing atop a mechanical bull. Howdy, Charli.

Per Fashionista, the lingerie brand tapped the 27-year-old musician to “pay homage to country-western and the Deep South with a Rhinestone Rodeo” as part of its 2019 holiday campaign. And the photos — some of which are vaguely festive — will quicken any sentient being’s heart rate. (And maybe even convince you that you need a $1,015 bra).

“There’s a wild rider in the ring,” Agent Provocateur writes on its website. “Charli XCX sleighs like a Rodeo Queen you’ve never seen.” (Yes, “sleighs.”)

That she does, and perhaps because this isn’t her first rodeo. The musician has been sporting Western looks since at least 2015, when she released the music video for her song “Doing It,” in which she wears not one, but two cowboy hats.

And if the photos weren’t enough, there’s also an accompanying video:

Santa isn’t ready.

Say It After Me: Rodeo-Themed Holiday Lingerie Campaign