I’m Sorry But This Pig Is Obviously Flirting

The flirting icon in action.
The flirting icon in action. Photo: @KallergisK/Twitter

Earlier this week, Greek broadcast journalist Lazos Mantikos traveled to a beach town to report on severe flood damage the area has sustained. Upon arrival, though, he encountered what could be described as an obstacle. When Good Morning Greece cut to Mantikos on live TV, the journalist wasn’t composed — instead, he was frantically running around, attempting to dodge the affectionate nudges of a wild spotted pig.

“Good morning, we have an issue,” he said, visibly flustered. “We have a pig here that has been chasing us since this morning … folks, sorry, I can’t stand [still] because it’s biting me.”

Giorgio Papadakis, the studio journalist who introduced Mantikos, at first urged him to “try and work things out with the female pig.” Then, in an attempt to find some humor in the nonoptimal situation, Papadakis launched into a gratuitous personal attack against the beautiful spotted beast: “This is about [wanting] that one moment of fame.”

Is she motivated by the base desire for viral notoriety, though? She hardly seems aware of the camera, so fixated is she on Mantikos. Honestly, this seems more like a strong, enamored woman making her intentions clear; the female pig is simply flirting. “Chasing” him around? Uhh, no, she’s simply trying to get an intimate moment with him, and he won’t even give her the time of day. Also, “biting”? Hmm, those look like gentle, loving nibbles to me.

I just hope she soon realizes that this reporter is not worthy of the abundance of love and affection she has to offer, because she certainly has plenty to go around — definitely enough for one deserving feral hog, and maybe even 30 to 50.

I’m Sorry But This Pig Is Obviously Flirting