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Be the Hottest Duck at the Party

Photo: Adam Kremer

Held during New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs’s Fall 2019 show was an ode to individuality. Each look had its own distinct personality, but the models all had one accessory in common: a simple beanie by the milliner Stephen Jones, with a single tall feather sticking out of the crown. There were about 15 varieties of feathers in all, from duck to striped peacock quills.

If there were ever a mascot for stylish individuality, a bird would be it. The style icon Iris Apfel, for example, is often described as a “rare bird.” Street style enthusiasts are “peacocks.” And of course, Central Park’s real-life “hot duck” captured our attention last summer for its one-of-a-kind plumage.

This feathery Marc Jacobs dress from the Fall 2019 collection is about as close to “hot duck” as you could possibly get. If you can’t spare $20,000, though, a feather in your beanie is just as effective.

Marc Jacobs feather dress, $20,000. Available upon request.

Be the Hottest Duck at the Party