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This Nail Polish Lasts So Long That It’s Almost Kind of Freaky

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

For the past year, my nails have been very boring — unshiny, unvarnished, and unremarkable. I’d given up on nail polish because the sight of a chip always struck me, when I was in an “in my feelings” mood, as a reminder that nothing lasts forever. To save me from becoming more of an Eeyore, I decided that I would just stop getting manicures.

But I still do have to do my job, so I continued testing nail polish in little swatches all over my fingers. My obsession with Olive & June polish was gradual. It started with one nail. Then two nails. Then I did a full hand, and finally both hands — which lasted for over a week, because the polish didn’t seem to want to leave. My nails were shiny, bright, and chip-free for over seven days. The manicure lasted so long that I found myself wishing the polish would let go of its Tracy Flick–like determination and quit already.

On Instagram, the durability of Olive & June’s polish has become so renowned that the brand’s founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, held a “Mani Marathon” contest. One client reported her polish lasted for 21 days. The secret, Tuttle tells me, is that the polish, which is nontoxic, is manufactured in Korea and has a higher concentration of resin, making it more durable. (You’ll notice that the formula comes out a bit thick and chalky at first, but don’t worry, it evens out with two coats).

The colors are also great, starting with basics like the peach-pink EC (named after Eva Chen), bright red JG, and balanced beige MM (for Mandy Moore). Tuttle promises more fun colors to come, too.

Olive & June Polish

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This Nail Polish Lasts So Long That It’s Kind of Freaky