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Gift of the Day: Glossy Fingernails and Flossy Lips

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Chances are extremely good that the two things you do most frequently in your day-to-day life are talk to other people and play with your phone. Luckily, there’s a gift that makes you look good doing them both.

This beauty gift set from Chanel includes a moisturizing hand cream, a glossy red nail polish, and a lipstick in a matte shade of true red — a trio of fancy products designed to bring shine and attention to your lips, fingers, and hands. It’s an ideal combination if you plan to spend time swiping in any direction, muting on Instagram, clicking “Yes, I’m still watching” on Netflix, trying to understand what TikTok is, and/or answering your nana’s calls about when you’ll be home for the holidays.

There are a few touches that make this combination of items special. First, the lipstick and nail color are both Pirate, Chanel’s most famous red lip shade, specially made to mimic the color Coco Chanel wore herself. (It’s also one of those magic shades that’s designed to be flattering on every skin tone.) Second, the hand cream doesn’t come in a humdrum squeeze tube, but in a smooth, orblike egg, reminiscent of an Orvalia chair.

It all comes cuddled together in a generously sized red pouch that would be handy for holding all of your day-to-day bobs and bits.

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Gift of the Day: Glossy Fingernails and Flossy Lips