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Wow, This Woman Really Used a Radiator to Curl Her Hair

Photo: Getty Images

Let’s all do a slow clap for this beauty MacGyver. British mother Emily Kendall really wanted wavy hair, but couldn’t find her curling iron. She despaired. Then this clever girl looked around and probably heard the weird noises her radiator was making, and came up with an idea.

While surely not authorized by a British housing authority, Kendall carefully wrapped strands of hair around the hot pipe of a radiator. Twenty minutes later, she had a whole head of soft ringlets. “It’s quicker and I’m saving on electricity in the meantime,” she told The Sun. And thus, winter’s hottest (and lowest carbon footprint) hairstyle, Radiator Curls, was born.

You can see Kendall’s Facebook post about the endeavor here, where it’s already amassed 15,000 Shares.

Wow, This Woman Really Did It