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Gift of the Day: A Soft, Sustainable Cashmere Robe

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Everyone says the best things in life are free, but have they ever touched cashmere? A cashmere robe might feel like an indulgence, but that’s exactly why it’s such a good gift. From the brand Naked Cashmere, this one boasts a minimalist design, a hem that hits below the knee so your legs can feel as cozy as your top half, and two front pockets ideal for storing lip balm or a cell phone. Slip it on after waking up in a chilly apartment or throw it over your body after a shower – it’s like a hug you can rely on even when no one else is around.

Like most things, not all cashmere is created equally. Cashmere is experiencing a moment of rabid popularity, but cashmere fiber remains a scarce material – you need the wool of up to five goats to make just one sweater. To appease the large demand, it’s become common practice for companies to market cashmere as pure when it’s really made up of a blend of other wools. But if you read the fine print on this robe, it’s allegedly 100% cashmere, made from “fully traceable,” fair-trade-farmed, cruelty-free wool from Mongolian goats.

With over five different colors to choose from and a personalization option to make it even more special, it’s a great gift for your eco-conscious sister, your favorite homebody, or anyone you know who’s always cold.

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Gift of the Day: A Soft, Sustainable Cashmere Robe