beep beep here comes a mess

Elon Musk Terrorizes L.A. by Driving Transformer to Nobu

Boy and truck. Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Oh no. Just a few weeks after breaking his new toy truck in front of all of his friends, a boy bumped his truck when he took it out for a ride. Watch out, buddy!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk drove his company’s new Cybertruck prototype to the Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu on Saturday. According to TMZ, valets left the Cybertruck upfront, and patrons and passersby flocked around to take pictures of the car, which looks like a Transformer, only instead of transforming from a car into a robot, it transforms from a car into Jeremy Piven.

Joining Musk in his outing were his girlfriend, Grimes, and Motherless Brooklyn actor Ed Norton. At first, the evening seemed to be going more smoothly than the truck’s unveiling back in November, where Musk claimed that the armored-glass windows were “unbreakable” and then immediately broke them by throwing a small metal ball at them. (“Oh my fucking God,” Musk said when the glass shattered.)

But then, like a woman being offered cocaine by her artsy friend as she’s leaving a bar, the truck had a little bump on its way out.

Video from TMZ shows the truck inching out of the crowded Nobu parking lot, bumping a traffic pylon with its rear wheel, and speeding away like nothing happened. It’s unclear whether Musk was aware of hitting the traffic pylon. As Gizmodo notes, the car’s strange shape “leaves some bizarre blindspots,” and also, the prototype still doesn’t have side mirrors. Whether it’s legal to be driving this prototype around is also unclear.

The truck was spotted later that night, zooming along the 405. Unfortunately, due to the loud noise of traffic and the (almost) unbreakable windows, we can’t hear what Musk, Grimes, and Norton were talking about, or whether Azealia Banks was being held in the back seat.

Elon Musk Terrorizes L.A. by Driving Transformer to Nobu