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This Is by Far the Most Efficient Pickup Line

Keri Russell
Keri Russell Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

If you see an attractive human at a crowded party or a dimly lit bar, there are plenty of ways you could attempt to indicate your interest. You could try to hold eye contact from across the room, or you could even approach them with a conversation starter you had spent the past 25 minutes rehearsing in your head. Or, if you wanted to follow the directive of actress and horny icon Keri Russell, you could shun subtlety altogether and bluntly tell the hot stranger exactly what you want: them, preferably at one of your respective apartments, probably in bed but the couch or even the floor would work, too.

Russell shared her seduction strategy on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, when host Jimmy Fallon asked her and fellow guest Jon Hamm to respond to rapid-fire questions about everything from their childhood dreams to chain restaurants. To conclude the game, Fallon asked Russell to share her best pickup line, which she divulged after a short pause: “Wanna fuck?”

It’s unclear how effective this line would be for the average person who isn’t Keri Russell. Also, while it would depend on the situation, I don’t think I’d want a strange man in whom I had no interest to march up to me at a gathering and proposition me in such a way. However, this is without a doubt the most efficient way to know whether or not the person you’ve had your eyes on wants to, well, you know.

So we can assume this is the line she used to bag Matthew Rhys on the set of The Americans, right?

This Is by Far the Most Efficient Pickup Line