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17 New Year’s Eve Outfits That Aren’t Sparkly

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New Year’s Eve outfits are generally synonymous with one thing: sparkle. Whether it’s in the form of sequins, glitter, or anything else that recalls a disco ball, it’s the centerpiece of the outfit. But that’s not everyone’s jam. For one, unless you are going clubbing on a semi-regular basis or are a celebrity and/or influencer, you probably don’t have much occasion to wear sequins the other 11 months out of the year. Why not wear something that’s clearly festive but won’t stick out like a sore thumb when you recycle it in February? Shop 17 options below.

If You Want Something Classic

The jewel-tone color is really what makes this top festive (that and the ruffle collar). Not only do you have an outfit for a New Year’s party, but you also have a new top to wear to brunch.
Available in sizes XXS-XXL.

If You Like to Play It Cool

This velvet top dresses up simple jeans and is just as comfortable as any old T-shirt.
Available in sizes XXS-3X.

If You Like to Be the Center of Attention

Wallflowers need not apply.
Available in sizes 00-40.

If You Want to Keep It Office-Appropriate

If you’re going to be around a more conservative crowd (or just your co-workers), this dress is subtly sexy without being outrageous.
Available in sizes 14-28.

If You Wore That Skirt All Summer

A tiger-print slip dress is a close cousin of the leopard-print midi skirt. Wear with a fun jacket or a turtleneck this season.
Available in sizes S-L.

If You’re Watching All the Hallmark Movies

This red skirt feels like something the heroine of a Hallmark movie would wear to the tree-decorating ceremony where she meets the baker who will convince her to move from the city to work on a Christmas-tree farm.
Available in sizes 14-24.

If You Plan on Dancing

This jumpsuit has some serious Studio 54 vibes going on. Just add a turtleneck if you’re not going to be in a hot, sweaty club dancing into 2020 on New Year’s.
Available in sizes S-L.

If You Want Something Sexy But Not Too Sexy

The dominatrix element of this leather dress is balanced out by the demure cut.
Available in sizes 14-28.

If You’re on the Prowl This New Year’s

This moody velvet dress says “come hither.”
Available in sizes 0-12.

If You Love a Romantic Dress

New Year’s Eve isn’t really known for being the romantic holiday (unless you’re living in the High School Musical universe), but if you’re committed to dressing in a super-feminine way, this is the dress for you.
Available in sizes 00-40.

If You Want Something Very 2020

Doesn’t get more on-trend than a voluminous baby-doll dress.
Available in sizes XS-XL.

If You Still Love the ’80s

Head into a new decade by referencing an old one.
Available in sizes 0-10.

If You Want Your Outfit to Move With You

On a night when everyone is wearing sequins, go with fringe.
Available in sizes 0-10.

If You Want Something Sweet

A green dress with a square neckline and puffy sleeves is something you can wear to endless other occasions.
Available in sizes XS-XL.

If You Want to Go High-Concept

This is as far as you can get from the idea of a black turtleneck while still being a black turtleneck.
Available in sizes 4-10.

If You’re Unafraid of Spills

This icy blazer dress is a killer outfit to wear to a glamorous New Year’s Eve party.
Available in sizes XS-L.

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17 New Year’s Eve Outfits That Aren’t Sparkly