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Finally Someone Made Headphones That Look More Like Jewelry

Photo: Courtesy of Planet Beyond

Whereas the Apple AirPods are the preferred status headphones for Rudy Giuliani, streetwear fanatics, and anyone who feels embarrassed by headphones with — gasp — a wire, they’re not the most beautiful objects. Wearable tech often looks purely utilitarian and minimal. But Planet Beyond is trying to change that with wireless headphones that turn something functional into a piece of jewelry.

Planet Beyond was started by a mathematician, an architect, an engineer, and a computer programmer from Harvard and MIT who turned pounds of scrap metal into headphones made from entirely recycled materials. The base headphones look like coiled seashells and start at $115 and come in three colors. The accessories — the part that looks like earrings — cost $55 and hook onto the base headphone. The result is a pair of futuristic headphones that have a 4.5-hour battery life and charge in an hour with a micro USB — functional, beautiful, and sustainably made.

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Finally Someone Made Headphones That Look Like Jewelry