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5 Women Try Justin Bieber’s Natural Deodorant

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Everyone is trying out natural deodorant now, even Justin Bieber. He announced earlier this year that he was releasing a vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based deodorant with Schmidt’s Naturals. Called Here + Now, it contains activated charcoal and is described as both woodsy and natural. Can our pits naturally smell like Bieber? Five New York Magazine staffers gave it a shot. Here’s what happened when you turn over your sweaty arm holes to the Biebz.

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty-Editor-at-Large

This came along right when my DIY hack of using lemons as deodorant had suddenly stopped working. Maybe my pits needed a break from the acid and pulp? So I was happy to try it. My first thought upon removing the top was this: Has marriage brought out Justin Bieber’s softer side? I know this isn’t the first time Schmidt’s has ventured into floral territory, but I’m intrigued that the scent of this version is both feminine and masculine. And if I’m going to use a deodorant that’s scented, a woodsy floral is my ideal aroma.

I asked my husband to try it and he basically said the same thing: “There’s a light floral in there, but also a subtle hint of cedar, like old cedar. I’d wear it because of that hint of cedar.”

Like all Schmidt’s deodorants, it worked like a charm. Neither a day of stress or an afternoon of exercise could disrupt it. I’m still going to go back to the lemons, but that’s no dig at Schmidt’s — I just love my hack.

Erica Smith, Beauty Writer

I hope this is what the Biebz smells like because I think this stuff smells great. I’ve found that most deodorants, natural or otherwise, usually have a powdery, floral, or powdery-floral scent. This one is a nice departure; it smells more like one of those stress-relieving roll-ons you’re supposed to inhale when you’re on the verge of breakdown, mixed with a pleasantly muted version of a dude’s deodorant. I love the smell of my boyfriend’s Old Spice Pure Sport, but through a layer of clothing and a few feet away, and this has a similar effect.

I never felt particularly swampy or stinky, but I’ve been using natural formulas for over a year now so I think my pits have fully adjusted to that anti-antiperspirant life. I can’t say this reminded me to be “present in my daily life,” but it did make me present in yoga classes. I recommend taking this for a spin with a sleeveless top (or no top, like Justin) to get the full effect he intended. You’ll get several good whiffs of your woodsy, spiced pits during certain poses and feel calm and aware and at peace that they smell pretty good.

Aude White, Senior Communication Manager

At this point, most of my friends have tried to switch over to natural deodorant, and nearly all of them have smelled a little during the time. What’s so remarkable about this deodorant is that it doesn’t make you smell like anything at all! You don’t smell noticeably good (I detected no discernible scent), but you don’t smell bad either. Given my experiences with natural deodorant so far, that seems like a huge success.

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

I know how eye roll–y this is, but the only time I ever have pit BO is when I use a natural deodorant. Sorry, as Justin Bieber would sing. What does this mean? I don’t know. Maybe natural deodorant brings out the smell of toxins that is hidden by my natural musk (ew). Maybe true beauty does come from the inside? I just know that I smell better when I don’t use anything at all.

Unused, this deodorant smells like a recently showered, nicely wood-scented man — like if you took a big strong whiff of one of those Christmas-tree lumber dudes. On me, like Aude said above, it smelled like nothing at all, even after workout classes. I sniffed my armpits hard each time I worked out and smelled nothing discernible, stinky or otherwise. So maybe my natural scent is nothing and this natural deodorant actually works.

Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Senior Writer

I’ve been routinely avoiding natural deodorant since I made a (stupid) try to transition to it in the summer of 2017. After my boyfriend sweetly told me I smelled like shit, I bulk-ordered a bunch of Secret from Amazon and have been using that since. Needless to say, I was nervous to try this, and only did so midday after having first slathered a bunch of aluminium-based deodorant on in the morning.

Here’s what I will say: This stuff smells pretty nice, sort of herbal and spicy, like something Goop might tell you to drink. It makes sense to me that Justin Bieber, with his dirty hippie aesthetic, might actually smell like this in real life. Does it work? I don’t know — again, I don’t think it would be fair for me to use this review as a chance to transition back to all-natural deodorants. However, compared to the other natural deodorants I’ve tried in my previous misadventures this one is smoother, texture-wise, and makes for a good midday refresher.

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5 Women Try Justin Bieber’s Natural Deodorant