Rihanna Goes Incognito to Eat Massive Hot Dog in Peace

Rihanna Photo: @teacuptina/Instagram

Imagine every time you decided to partake in one of the world’s most sacred food customs — eating a hot dog — an irksome stranger snapped a sneaky photo of you. Or a fan — yes, imagine people worship you — interrupted you, mid-bite. Sounds annoying, right? Which is why Rihanna, an inventive queen among us all, recently went the extra distance to avoid the harrowing possibility altogether.

Over the weekend, Rih rendered herself fully unrecognizable with a massive scarf and coat before taking a jaunt over to Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park, where she met up with her friend Tina Truong. Then, at some point, per the Daily Mail, the friends got separated in the massive crowds of people. Chaos ensued; Truong, who was documenting the trip via Instagram Stories, told her followers that she was lost. But finally, the two reunited, when Truong spotted Rih with her prize: a massive hot dog that appears to be at least a foot long. (Per the Mail, Rih offered Truong “the treat” to calm her nerves. Truly kind.)

I can’t even begin to fathom how fulfilling that intimate tubed-meat experience must’ve been. I bet the hot dog snapped louder than a carrot; I’d like to imagine Rihanna didn’t worry at all about getting ketchup all over her face. In fact, I see no napkins in the photo — and that, I respect.

Was the experience satisfying enough to compel Rih to christen hot dog her new favorite meat? I’d like to think so.

Rihanna Goes Incognito to Eat Massive Hot Dog in Peace