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I’m So Into Seth Rogen’s Pot Habit

Seth Rogen Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

A month or so ago, I started following Seth Rogen on Instagram. He popped up in my Discover tab because I follow a lot of people who make pottery and other crafts, and when I saw his name at the top of a photo of some pretty rainbow-colored vases, I was like, Seth Rogen Seth Rogen? Sure enough, the actor, director, and writer better known for Pineapple Express and Long Shot and my beloved Freaks and Geeks is now an acclaimed amateur ceramist too. I find this very endearing.

Rogen says he first got into ceramics for two reasons: (1) because his wife wanted him to (cute), and (2) because he couldn’t find the perfect ashtray on which to set his joints (utilitarian!). Rogen is a known stoner with his own weed brand, and he’s also been vocal about expunging cannabis convictions. So when he says he had a vision for the perfect joint ashtray, I’m inclined to trust that vision. The results are little lipped vases like this one, which he says his wife immediately claimed as her own. Why do I find this almost unbearably sweet? Something to examine at a later date.

I started following Seth Rogen’s wife on Instagram, too, where I was met with this photo of her focused intently on her own creation. Obviously her pottery is better than her husband’s because she’s done it since high school. But you can watch Rogen get better and better in real time, and anyway, this is not a competition. This is just a very pure hobby shared between a married couple who also loves to smoke weed. I picture them together at their home ceramics studio, hard at creative work, their dog nearby, occasionally looking up to smile at each other over their respective pots (and pot). This, to me, is true love.

I’m So Into Seth Rogen’s Pot Habit