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Precious Little Man Carries Precious Little Thing

Photo: Getty Images

We love to see giant men carry tiny things, and tiny men carry big things. But you know what is also wonderful? When tiny men carry tiny things.

On Thursday, Timothée Chalamet wore yet another lovely outfit on the red carpet. This time, it was a bright fuchsia Stella McCartney suit, which he wore to the Paris premiere of Little Women. His hair somehow looked better than the last time we saw a photo of him, which was, like, yesterday. It was all so beautiful that we almost failed to noticed the teeny-tiny Eiffel Tower key chain dangling from Li’l Timmy Tim’s delicate little index finger. How precious!

This fun little surprise was brought to our attention on Twitter by GQ’s Luke Leifeste, who had the appropriate reaction: “Oh my god.” Generally, this is the effect miniature things have on people. They make you forget how to form coherent sentences, and say things like “Eeep!” instead. I want to cup this image of Li’l Timmy Tim and his key chain in my hands and cradle it close to my heart. I want to protect him and it from all harm.

Because Chalamet’s key chain is so smol, it feels like a secret message, meant only for those paying close attention to his every move. (Me.) But what, exactly, is he trying to tell us? Hmm. An Eiffel Tower key chain at a Paris movie premiere? Is he … wait … is Timothée Chalamet French? Does his name have an extra vowel at the end with an accent over it? Did he spend his summers in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon as un bébé? Was he once so immersed in French culture that he told press he had vivid dreams in the language? I can’t recall. But that sounds about right. Apparently, a fan gave him the key chain as a gift. Either way, I love this petit flex.

Precious Little Man Carries Precious Little Thing