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Well, Well, Well, Channing Tatum Is Now on Raya

Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

After his divorce from Jenna Dewan in 2018, Channing Tatum followed in Brad Pitt’s footsteps and turned to sculpture. Now, in the wake of his split from former girlfriend Jessie J, he is following in Ben Affleck’s footsteps and turning to Raya.

Along with making clay busts, joining the “elite” members-only dating app Raya has become something of a rite of passage for Hollywood’s newly single (or perpetually single) bros. In entering the Raya-verse, Tatum joins an illustrious squad of male celebs including Joe Jonas, Niall Horan, Matthew Perry, Moby, and, of course, John Mayer.

“[Tatum has] been on Raya for a few weeks. He would love to be dating someone and is not shy about it,” a source tells E! News. “He wants to have fun again and he doesn’t care if he meets someone online, a set up or just walking down the street. A friend suggested Raya and he felt like he had nothing to lose by joining.”

Tatum and singer Jessie J broke up last month after dating for around a year, though it felt like a lifetime. Now, according to sources who spoke to Us Weekly, he’s hoping to woo new potential partners with a profile song by D’Angelo and a profile that reads, “Yes, I used to be a stripper. Sorry.” Simple, yet effective.

Well, Well, Well, Channing Tatum Is Now on Raya