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An Exhaustive Guide to the Chris Pratt, Jason Momoa Water-Bottle Drama

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Can you sense that something is afoot? Indeed, on Instagram — on our very phones! — two celebrity males engaged in a much-talked-about drama. But what happened, to whom, and why? Have no fear, we’re here to explain every last drop.

“Low-Key Flexing”

On Tuesday, December 3, Chris Pratt posted a photo to his Instagram account. It featured the actor standing next to a treadmill. “You’re probably wondering why I’m standing here, low key flexing, gazing into the distance,” began his Amazon spon-con.

Business as usual, right? Wrong. As you can see, Chris Pratt is holding in his hand: a plastic water bottle.

“No single use plastic. Come on.”

I’m sure you saw the headlines: “Why Jason Momoa Just Called Out Chris Pratt — and His Water Bottle,” wrote E! Online. “Jason Momoa Calls Out Chris Pratt on Instagram for This Unexpected Reason,” Yahoo teased. “Jason Momoa Just Dragged Chris Pratt on Instagram for Drinking Bottled Water,” said BuzzFeed.

Indeed, on Tuesday, December 3, Jason Momoa called out Chris Pratt — in the very comment section of Chris Pratt’s own Instagram post! “Bro I love u, but wtf on the water bottle,” he wrote. “No single use plastic. Come on.” He’s not wrong!

“I’m sorry this was received so badly today.”

“Jason Momoa Apologizes to Chris Pratt After Shaming His Plastic Water Bottle Use,” said People. It’s true: On Tuesday, December 3, Momoa took to his own Instagram. “BRO you know my children and I are madly in love with you and I love everything you do,” he said. “I’m sorry this was received so badly today I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

And with that, you may go in peace, knowing you’re all caught up.

An Exhaustive Guide to the Chris Pratt Water-Bottle Drama