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It’s Hard to Eat Croissants in a Bedazzled Face Mask

Photo: Spread Pictures / MEGA

It’s currently men’s Fashion Week in Paris, and so far we’ve seen a lot of wild, wonderful outfits on the runway, like one-legged rompers and coats with giant gold-chain belts. But, of course, if you want truly original outfits, you’ll need to watch the streets outside the shows. Just look at Cardi B, who wore a see-through mesh onesie over nothing but her underwear on Thursday night. She was attending a show by Laundered Works Corp, which had a collaboration this season with her husband, Offset. To avoid catching a cold, Cardi covered herself with a huge Adrienne Landau faux-fur coat and a bedazzled ski mask.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but an outfit like this is actually not that unusual for Cardi B — especially not during Paris Fashion Week. In September, she wore an equally over-the-top look by the designer Richard Quinn: a floral garment that covered her entire body and face. “You bitches could really never,” she said at the time, adding, “Make sure a car don’t hit me, ’cause a bitch can’t see.”

Thankfully, Cardi was able to see through her CoutureMask balaclava, though we’re not sure how one would eat a croissant wearing that. She also happened to be very on trend. According to the Strategist, “street ski,” is coming from the slopes to an office near you.

How Is Cardi B Supposed to Eat Croissants in This Outfit?