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Would You Like to Watch Elon Musk Dance?

Workin’ up a sweat. Photo: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tuesday was an exciting day for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, because his Shanghai factory began delivering some cars it had manufactured specifically for this purpose. To celebrate, our big boy got up on stage and did a little dance.

Would you like to see it? Hm? Was that a no? Okay great, let’s take a look:

He begins, as you can see, with the approximate energy of Theresa May making a groove-adjacent entrance, to Abba, at the Tory party conference that one time, only with the shifty eyes of cornered vermin. Quickly, he transitions to moves more reminiscent of Ashlee Simpson’s 2004 SNL jig. There is arm pumping, accompanied by a crabby, side-to-side shuffle, but things really heat up as the crowd begins to clap and cheer. Emboldened, Musk removes his blazer, flinging it aside so as to better flail for his audience. CNN described the display as something you might expect from “your drunk uncle,” while Musk himself called it “NSFW.”

Well, you can form your own opinions about that. I just wanted you to see it, even if only once, preferably right before bed. Haunting, no?

Would You Like to Watch Elon Musk Dance?