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Gigi Hadid Among Possible Harvey Weinstein Trial Jurors

Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images

Harvey Weinstein’s rape and sexual assault trial took a strangely star-studded turn Monday morning, when supermodel Gigi Hadid appeared in the Manhattan courtroom where his case is being tried – as a potential juror.

When Justice James Burke asked today’s pool of nearly 120 possible jurors whether they knew anyone in the courtroom, Hadid was one of several who raised their hands.

Shortly thereafter, a court officer gave Hadid a microphone. “I have met the defendant,” she said, maintaining a stoic facial expression. Burke asked whether she could still be impartial. “Yes,” Hadid answered without hesitating.

As with jury selection last week, Burke read a list of people who might be witnesses or merely mentioned at trial – such as Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, and Rosie Perez. Burke asked the potential jurors whether they knew anyone on the list – and if so, whether they could be impartial.

Hadid stood again.

“I have met Salma Hayek and possibly Ryan Beatty,” said the supermodel, who wore a white shirt and oversized grey blazer, with her hair down. (It’s unclear whether this is Ryan Beatty the singer, or a different one; that information was not revealed during any public court proceeding.)

Burke asked whether knowing either Hayek or Beatty would make her unfair.

“I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts,” she said.

About an hour later, after several dozen were dismissed from serving on the Weinstein jury for reasons such as expressing bias, a court officer asked the thinned-out room, “Who can serve and who’s willing to serve?”

Hadid raised her hand and was given a questionnaire.

Burke also alluded to claims from Weinstein’s defense team last week that several potential jurors had discussed the case on social media despite his clear instructions not to.

“They may be held in contempt of court and face serious consequences up to, and including, 30 days in jail and a significant fine,” Burke warned. “So don’t do that.”

Gigi Hadid Among Possible Harvey Weinstein Trial Jurors