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What Would You Wear to Dinner With the Kushners?

Photo: Bravo TV

In last night’s episode of Project Runway, a brave contestant acknowledged something that no one else on the show has dared to: that Karlie Kloss is a member of the Kushner clan.

Kloss, a supermodel and entrepreneur who is a guest judge on this season of the show, married Joshua Kushner in the fall of 2018. Joshua is, unfortunately, the brother of Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump, adviser to Donald Trump, and resident haunted doll of the White House. (For her part, Kloss has said that she shares “liberal values” with her husband, and that being related to the Trumps has “been hard.”)

During yesterday’s episode of Project Runway, contestants were asked to make a dress for Kloss using clothes from Goodwill. Contestant Tyler Neasloney, whose deadpan bitchiness has been his signature mode all season, created a boring office look for the challenge: a tight black skirt and ruffled white blouse. It got torn apart by judges.

But the defining moment came when judge Brandon Maxwell commented that he could not “see Karlie wearing it anywhere,” to which Neasloney responded, with a smirk: “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?” This caused Kloss’s mouth to drop fully open, and someone in the background groaned: “Oh no, Tyler, don’t say that out loud!” Others gasped and covered their faces.

Well, the damage was already done. Neasloney was eliminated for unrelated reasons, and, to be honest, Kloss seemed a little impressed — albeit completely flummoxed — by the jab.

What Would You Wear to Dinner With the Kushners?