Megan Rapinoe Landed Her First Luxury Ad Campaign

Photo: Steven Meisel

On Wednesday morning, the Spanish luxury brand Loewe revealed the new face of its fall/winter 2020 campaign: United States Women’s Soccer Team captain Megan Rapinoe.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, Rapinoe makes her signature “victory face,” which telegraphs a sort of gruesome satisfaction, like she’s so good it’s painful. Deal with it! Her iconic magenta hair stands out against a sky blue background, coiffed in a dramatic pouf. Meanwhile, the only hint of fashion (this is a fashion ad, remember) are two shiny spaghetti straps on her shoulders.

After admiring this image at face value, you might ask yourself: What exactly is being advertised here? That’s a good question, and one oft-wondered of high-concept luxury fashion campaigns. If you saw it on a giant billboard in Paris (where it will soon live), would you be inclined to buy something from Loewe? Or at least Google what the heck Loewe is and how to pronounce it? [Loo-eh-vay, basically.]

But the ad is less about a singular piece of clothing than an attitude. By aligning itself with Rapinoe, Loewe is saying that the brand stands for boldness and individuality. In an accompanying video, Rapinoe also speaks to the importance of having a voice.

“I am so thrilled about this partnership with Loewe and Jonathan Anderson,” Rapinoe said in a press release, referencing the brand’s designer. “Multiple worlds crashing together, creating something bigger, different, and more exciting than either could alone. To me, the goal of a collaboration should not be to stand next to one another, but rather become something else, together.” Sold!

Megan Rapinoe Landed Her First Luxury Ad Campaign