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Meghan Markle Is Only Following One Instagram Account — Is It Yours?

Photo: TOBY MELVILLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

How would you feel if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry followed you on Instagram? I bet you’d feel a jolt of excitement at first, but then mostly sort of nervous. You’d wonder: What do they think of your exploits? Your homemade dinners? Your dog? Are you posting too much? Too little? Are they annoyed? And is it better that Meghan Markle knows who you are and thinks you’re annoying, or would it be better if she never knew who you were at all?!

It’s something to think about.

The royal couple announced on January 1, on their own Instagram account (10 million followers), that in the New Year they plan to single out one account to follow each month, focusing on accounts that “inspire, and that remind us of all the good that is happening in the world.” Of course, that sounds like you to me. Did they choose you for January?

“For January,” the post continues, “we would like to shine a spotlight on @goodnews_movement.” Hmm. Okay. Good News Movement is a journalist-run Instagram account that “covers and celebrates acts of kindness and good news in our global community.” And, well. There is no point in denying: It is not your personal Instagram account. It seems like your Instagram didn’t get the royals’ coveted January spot.

I am so sorry.

But it is only the beginning of the year. Who knows what February may bring, or even March. Perhaps Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will choose your sexy outfits or beautiful cat for their inspiring October choice. You never know. All you can do is keep posting, and hope.

Meghan Markle Is Only Following One Instagram — Is It Yours?