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Cressida Has Spoken

Cressida Bonas Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The world is still wringing out every drop of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry news that could possibly ever come from the continued fallout over their “stepping back” from the British royal family. Did you know the queen was seen wearing a hearing aid for the first time during their dramatic four-way phone call? Or that Meghan Markle was seen recently driving a vehicle to a pharmacy in Canada?

Today’s morsel is that Cressida Bonas has finally commented on the whole affair. Remember Cressida?

No, she was not Harry’s “most significant ex” Chelsy Davy, the one who looked extremely sad at their wedding and was said to have felt “snubbed” by it. (It’s probably hard not to feel snubbed at your ex’s televised wedding.) Cressida, with her impossibly British, Ravenclaw-esque name, was the girlfriend right before Harry met Markle in 2014; she is now working as an actress and just wants to be known for that, please. “No one likes to be labelled,” she told the Evening Standard this week. “The hurdles for me are when I’m trying to do my work and people want to talk about him. I work very hard and love what I do but it is still something I have to contend with.”

When asked specifically about the Sussexes’ recent drama, she demurred. “I wouldn’t take a position on that because it would be a headline,” she said. “Also out of respect. It feels like a long time ago. When it comes up it feels strange because I’m in a different place.” Which the Daily Mail has promptly turned into a headline, claiming that Bonas “respects Meghan Markle.” So, sorry Cressida, we support you, your acting, and your podcast, but this topic does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

Cressida Has Spoken