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Does Your Body Need a Serum, Like Your Face?

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The last thing I want to do is to give my body a full-on skin-care routine. A skin-care routine for my face is, as Jia Tolentino once put it in The New Yorker, a “nice controllable project.” A skin-care routine for my entire body is the kind of project that involves budgets and cross-referenced Excel spreadsheets. Madonna can sheet-mask her butt, but I’ll leave that to her.

That’s why I ignored Nécessaire’s Body Serum when I first heard of it. I like the idea of a face serum, but body serum just seemed excessive. Then the weather became so cold and dry that even my pajamas got static cling, my building started amping up the heat, and my skin started to feel like a withered husk.

It turns out that the Body Serum is really just a good lotion. It comes out in a nice, thick, silky gel that oozed onto my cracked skin and smoothed it out. One day, I made the poor decision to wear cropped jeans with strategic knee rips and wound up with white, ashy knee patches. When I splashed the serum on my knobby knees and ankles, my skin instantly descaled. It did a faster, and frankly better, job softening my skin than anything else I’ve been using.

Like their internet-favorite lotion, this newest product from Into the Gloss co-founder Nick Axelrod and Estée Lauder alum Randi Christiansen is also blissfully fragrance-free. The Serum is also made with a lot of ingredients you might already use on your face, like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin B3 and vitamin B5.

I won’t be researching toner or applying ampoules to my body anytime soon, but I will be replacing all my body lotions with this — even if it is a serum.

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Does Your Body Need a Serum, Like Your Face?