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20 More New Emotions, From Readers

We updated Roger Hargreaves’s Little Miss and Mr. Men universe as a suggestion to include some of our new emotions. Illustration: Zohar Lazar

Last week, the Cut wrote about a new, controversial theory of emotions, which claims we just might have an infinite number of them, so long as we can name them. Then, we asked dozen of writers to coin names for 78 new complex emotions, from libido snap to liegasm and Hupokringesis. This week, we turned to our readers, asking them on Twitter and Instagram for their own new emotions. Read their wonderfully creative new words like shrediness (illustrated above), hongry, and cuddlish, below.


When you are both sad and mad.
—@szchisholm, on Twitter


The thrill you get listening to a song/imagining you’re nailing the guitar solo.
—@sampalmy, on Twitter


The feeling of wanting to go back in time BEFORE you did something dumb.
—@superalexisss, on Twitter


When you want to be missed by someone whom you also wish would leave you alone. —@courtneycollecting, on Twitter


When you feel someone guessing your ethnicity in their head.
—@demisacristina, on Twitter


Hypnotized by le dick.
—@shmannashmiller, on Twitter


When you feel like you have no bones but you still have to go to work.
—@houseof1000fabrics, on Twitter


When you’re horny and hungry but can’t choose.
—@mariumwithau, on Twitter


The calming feeling you experience in a stressful situation when you remind yourself that you’re going to die so none of this really matters in the end, allowing you the freedom to forgive yourself for messing up and forgoing all stress because, again, you’re going to die anyway.
—@daisebedolla, on Twitter


Boundless joy while in presence of purring cat.
—@annyhanny, on Twitter


Fear of Being Included. I’m good. Leave me out. The energy it takes to socialize isn’t worth it. You all do what you want to do and leave me be in my quiet home with a book or TV and a snack and a drink. Sounds like a great night to me.
—@edehoratius, on Twitter


Suddenly remembering old reasons to feel guilty and letting them influence the current course of your actions, the feeling that actually runs my life.
—@missanabeem, on Twitter


When you have to force yourself through dinner for the sake of your children and have to curb your desire to poke the annoying ex with your fork. —@suraiyaishaque, on Instagram


A burning/tingling sensation in your cheeks when you missed your chance to laugh really hard at something and you feel cheated. —@thejewelleryinsider, on Instagram

Professional Dissonance

The feeling of being able to accomplish responsibilities at one’s job, but realizing you are unable to complete the same responsibilities for yourself outside of the workplace (ex. I’m amazing at creating and maintaining budgets at work and yet I’m horrible with keeping track of my own expenses). —@actually_anntaylor, on Instagram


A feeling [of] anger caused by gaining weight you previously worked hard to lose. —@mayblicky, on Instagram


Having unhealthy amounts of zeal for a likely doomed project. —@nuzhatssiddiqi, on Instagram


Feeling envious of a close friend while also being happy for them. —@anabeo, on Instagram


When you wanna cuddle for 2 mins but then stop to actually sleep. —@emilynhan, on Instagram


The silly mood/feeling you get when you’re hungover and everything is funny. —@sampalmy, on Instagram

20 More New Emotions, From Readers