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The Look Book Goes to Astor Place Hairstylists

Newly shorn clients on a Thursday afternoon at the 73-year-old downtown barbershop. 

Jack O’Grady, Student, North Carolina. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Is this where you normally get your hair cut?
No. So I’m on a surprise trip from Cary, where we live, with my dad. We’re going snowboarding after, and I needed a haircut so I could see. My dad took me here because his mom took him here like 35 years ago, so he wanted me to come too.

How’d you decide on the cut?
I was deciding between this and a fade. But my dad thought this would be the best thing for me, so that’s how I decided. I’ve had a lot of haircuts. One where it was really long on the left and short on the right. Once I got it — what’s it called? — buzzed and then no one knew who I was at school. They asked the teacher who the new person was. I was like, “Oh, it’s Jack!”

Sato Wada, Legal Translator, Upper West Side. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How long have you been coming here?
Since ’91. I love the place. So New York. I get in the chair, say “What’s up?” to Alex, my barber, maybe talk about how crazy Trump is for a second, then a minute later he’s done. Also they have a karaoke machine, so.

Jamel Robinson, Artist, Harlem. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jensen Keets, Fashion Designer and Songwriter, Hell’s Kitchen. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Eric Teitel, Doctor, Upper West Side. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Edmund Trang, Student, Washington Heights. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Roman Sorobay, Self-employed, East Village. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Linda Moore, Retired, Gowanus. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jellal Chaouqi, Student, Paris. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Nova Lucero, Community Organizer, Norwood. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What did you ask for today?
Today is just a trim. You can’t see, but under the right side of my hair, it’s shaved. I did that three years ago, here, around when I was coming out. It felt like the best way to express it without saying it. Afterward, I strutted around Astor trying to get used to it, seeing how I felt. It was a trip.

Mahari Simmonds, Law Student, South Bronx. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Always the same barber?
Yes, Deon. He cut my hair through law school. And he knew when I was applying for jobs because I kept coming in in a suit. When I got an offer, I told him and he dapped me up.

Despo Magoni, Artist, Brooklyn Heights. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Alan Warren, Executive, Westchester. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Erik Fuller, Photographer, South Bronx. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Dillon Storey, Model, Bushwick. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What are you doing after this?
Well, I’m a model, but I’m also a nightclub promoter at the Little Sister Lounge in the East Village. Tonight, I’m bringing three young models to the club, all 21, of course. So yeah, first impressions matter.

Joseph Modirzadeh, Dancer, Harlem. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Pranav Lowe, Student, Soho. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Charles Daniels, Retired, Tremont. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Paisley Lanouette, Artist, South Bronx. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

*This article appears in the February 3, 2020, issue of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

The Look Book Goes to Astor Place Hairstylists