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Glossier’s First Product of 2020 Is Here and It’s Matte

Glossier Skywash swatches.
Glossier Skywash swatches. Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

As the old saying goes, one eye product lost is another eye product gained. Today, we’re gaining Glossier’s first launch of 2020: Skywash, a tubed eye shadow inspired by “southwest landscapes.” Skywash is described as “a longwearing eyeshadow with a diffused, matte finish.”

If Glossier’s first shimmery eye shadow Lidstar is Beyoncé, think of Skywash as its pastel Solange. Just like its older sister, Skywash says it’ll last for 12 hours without creasing and you can apply in the same exact manner. All you have to do is paint the liquid-to-powder product directly onto your lids using the doe-foot applicator and blend it out to your liking using the fingers you already own. No eye primer, shadow, or blending brush required, just soft, sheer, color. “Want more? Add more,” advises a release, which is the best advice I’ve gotten all year.

Skywash comes in seven earthy shades with names worthy of a celebrity child born in 2020 or a female character on Netflix’s You. There’s lawn (fresh green), pool (cornflower blue), pebble (a neutral taupe), valley (warm peach), terra (burnt sienna), echo, (cocoa brown), and palm (golden beige).

They’re all available now at Glossier for $18 each. You can also snag $30 duos if you’re planning to follow Bob Ross’s lead and paint something serene that “has a sort of a desert look to it” on your lids.

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

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Glossier’s First Product of 2020 Is Here