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The Look Book Goes to the Hebrew Home

And the adjoining RiverWalk apartments and RiverSpring Assisted Living in Riverdale, the Bronx.

Sal Markowicz. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Sal Markowicz. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Above: Sal Markowicz, 95, Former Plasterer.
Great blazer.
Yes, I like to look good. Every day, you can see I wear nice shirts and jackets. This one or my even more elegant Yves Saint Laurent one. I like to be clean; you’ll never see a spot on my pants. In my room, you can see a picture of me from my wedding, in Belgium—I was in a very nice suit.

You’re from Belgium?
I am from Poland. In 1939, I went to the concentration camps. From 14 years old to 19, I moved from camp to camp. Then Brussels to Israel to Riverdale.

What’s a normal day like for you here?
I play dominoes, which I’m very good at. I usually play with a woman named Sandra. We spend most of our time together. We sit together at breakfast and lunchtime. We play rummy and dominoes. Then we go to supper. I like spending time with her. She likes spending time with me.

Zelda Fassler, 87, Former Event Planner. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What’s your average day?
Oh God, there’s no such thing. Today, art therapy, enamelware class at 1:45, chair yoga at 2:15, a cere­mony with the rabbi. He plays the guitar for us.

Salvador Gonzalez, 77, Former Barber. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Shirley Kleinberg, 95, Former Accountant. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Eileen Nagle, 79, Former Customer-Relations Agent. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Irene Freedland, 97, Former Executive Secretary. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Kelley Dixon, 79, Former Insurance Broker. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Who do you sit with at meals?
Rich, who’s a drummer. We talk about a variety of things, everything from the stars in the universe to music. He’s a very talented guy, and he dresses like a 1960s beatnik.

Irving Barash, 93, Former High-School Teacher. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

You were a teacher?
Yes, in various schools in Queens and Manhattan. In the early ’50s, one of my colleagues was a gentleman named Carroll O’Connor. Yes: Archie Bunker himself. I ate lunch with him every day for a year.

Alfred Schwartz, 93, Former School-Bus Owner. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Lucie Steinhagen, 98, Former Bookkeeper. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Mohamed Edris, 65, Former Sales Manager. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Helen Weiss, 97, Former Bookkeeper. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Where are you from?
Czechoslovakia. In 1939, my father put me into the home of a lovely Catholic family, who knew I was Jewish. But eventually, I was caught and taken to a concentration camp in Slovakia. You never know where you’ll end up. America was the furthest dream for my life.

Burton Lipsky, 79, Former Junior-High-School Teacher. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Olga Rosenson, 92, Former Model and Factory Worker. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Blondell Anton, 78, Former Painter. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Normal Miller, 95, Former Mold-Maker. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Gloria Harney, 90, Former Telephone Operator. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Shirley Weintraub, 89, Former Broadway Actress. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

You were an actress?
When I first started, I was very young, 16, in Die Fledermaus in Florida.
Then I went on to New York, which was thrilling. I was in Gigi and La Cage aux Folles. I was an understudy for Carousel. I loved to sing and act. Just hand me a microphone, and I’m a real ham.

Larry Perkins, 76, Former Truck Driver. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

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The Look Book Goes to the Hebrew Home