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Exciting News for Leo DiCaprio, Prince of Summer

Reunited and it feels so good. Photo: Getty Images

Nobody loves summer like Leonardo DiCaprio: the snorkeling, the yacht karate, the man buns as an antidote to neck sweat, and most of all, the water fights. Leo has never looked more free, more unburdened, more wholly himself than that afternoon in 2014 when the cameras caught him parading around with a Super Soaker in the sun. Squirt gun in hand, the then-39-year-old actor transformed into a kindergartner hearing the first ice cream truck jingle of the season. He became the adult embodiment of unbridled joy.

So, assuming he has sustained this aggressive enthusiasm for summer (he has), we have very exciting news for the Pussy Posse’s leader. Hasbro is reviving three of its original Super Soaker styles: the Super Soaker XP100 ($17.99), the Super Soaker XP30 ($12.99), and the Super Soaker X20 ($7.99) will return exclusively to Target, starting this spring. And! While they won’t look exactly the same, the materials have been improved to make them more durable: Super Soakers of old seemed to dry out when left in the sun, leading the plastic to become brittle and crack. Surely, this will be a big sell for Leo, who obviously wants to romp around all day. They will also retain the signature Super Soaker air-pressurized water pump as the inaugural models, allowing Leo to absolute obliterate his enemies on the battle lawn.

All in all, it’s a big day for this big boy, who (I will assume) is reading this, and gleefully pumping his fists in the air, utterly jazzed to become a brand ambassador. Congrats, Leo, we hope the wait has been worth it.

Exciting News for Leo DiCaprio, Prince of Summer