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Please Enjoy Lizzo’s Harry Styles Tribute

A beautiful friendship continues to blossom. Photo: Don Arnold/Getty Images

Do you know the feeling of validating warmth — of internal satisfaction and quiet excitement — that comes with watching two people you love getting along like a house on fire? Someone out there probably has a handy portmanteau for this as-yet unnamed feeling, and if so, I’d like to know what it is (Freundenfreude?) so I can use it to describe what happens inside my head as I watch the friendship between Lizzo and Harry Styles blossom. Here, give this little sound snack a whirl and let me know what words come to mind. It’s Lizzo performing Harry’s “Adore You” in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, a delight.

Pleasingly, Harry gets a personal shoutout at the 52 second mark, look out:

The extremely mutual-seeming fascination between Harry and Lizzo took root in mid-December, when Harry — appearing on this same BBC program — performed an apparently surprise cover of “Juice.” In response, Lizzo winkingly tweeted, “You know what this means right….?”

I, personally, did not, but soon we all found out: A live duet at Lizzo’s Miami concert in January, during which the pair proceeded to get all flirty for their fans. (And, one must hope, for themselves.)

In her cover of Harry’s scream-sailing power ballad, Lizzo invited another new friend into the mix: Sasha Flute, who gave us a little wind solo that would seem to up the ante in this trade-off of musical tributes. At time of writing, the Fine Line singer did not appear to have acknowledged Lizzo’s performance publicly, but we eagerly await his response.

Please Enjoy Lizzo’s Harry Styles Tribute