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Did You Know About John C. Reilly’s Hot Son?

Photo: Courtesy of @bye.loveleo/Instagram

Celebrity sons are the ultimate toss-up. Sometimes, like Damian Hurley, they are notable for something harmless, like having beautiful hair. But more often than not, they’re famous for something more embarrassing, like Chet Hanks and his failed rap career, or Presley Gerber and his face tattoo. It’s much rarer that you stumble across a celebrity son like Leo Reilly, who came to our attention this morning after Huffington Post writer Zeba Blay pointed him out on Twitter:

Leo Reilly, 22, is the eldest son of John C. Reilly (of Step Brothers fame) and his wife, the film producer Alison Dickey. Not only does he look and dress like an otherworldly, Gen Z Freddie Mercury, he also seems extremely cool. Here’s what we’ve learned about him:

His Music Is Pretty Good

Here’s the lyric video for his song “Boyfren,” which is like an elevated, indie version of Ariana Grande’s “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”:

I’d also recommend the sister music video for the same song, which involves Leo as a singing egg yolk.

One of His Hobbies Is Making and Selling Jewelry

From the looks of his Depop account, Leo sells affordable vintage clothes and an array of novelty earrings that appear to be his own creation, such as this delicate, mini Volvic water bottle.

He’s Extremely Stylish

Leo’s personal style is an eclectic combination of streetwear, homemade jewelry, and sweaters he may have borrowed from John C. Reilly. His Instagram features a lot of skittles manicures, pearl necklaces, and single-earrings. He also has a lush eboy haircut.

What’s more, he was a front-row fixture at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and even walked for Moschino:

He Appears to Have Two Different Colored Eyes

In addition to his otherworldly beauty, Leo sometimes seems to have different colored eyes, which he accentuates with glitter or face jewels.

He Enjoys Experimenting With Photoshop

He’s Big on TikTok

Leo’s TikTok is mostly him doing Kendama tricks. In addition to that, he lip-syncs to rap music and makes jokes about Vanessa from the Bee Movie.

He Loves His Pops, John C. Reilly

He shares a picture with his dad every year for his birthday, and sometimes Reilly even stars in his short films on Instagram.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us in this discovery, and congrats to John C. Reilly for having such a hot and cool son.

Did You Know About John C. Reilly’s Hot Son?