What If You Found Out Your Fiancé Faked Their Voice?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Imagine it’s your wedding day and you’re deeply in love with the person you’re going to marry. You’ve bared your soul to them, forged a deep, loving connection, and trust them completely. Now imagine if that person, on the day of your nuptials, reveals that they’ve been faking their voice the entire time you’ve known them. And not just a little bit fake — like, they have used a different voice than they use with the rest of the world every time they talk to you.

This is an unlikely scenario except in the universe of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, where this very situation is dangerously close to playing out. The reality-dating show involves a spate of contestants who agree to marry each other after forging a connection through thin, opaque walls over the course of several days. The couple in question is Mark, a fitness trainer, and Jessica, a regional manager who, over the course of the show, switches back and forth between two very distinct voices.

Jessica and her omnipresent wineglass established themselves as central to the drama of LIB early in the show, where she was the tip of a love triangle between another contestant named Barnett and her now-fiancé Mark. As several LIB viewers have observed, Jessica seems to use a completely different voice depending on the scenario she finds herself in. Watch here, where her voice goes from a pretty standard soprano in a 1:1 interview, and then morphs into something more tremulous and high, sort of like a sexy baby voice, in a scene with Mark:

And here, her voice changes dramatically over the course of one sentence:

It all raises the question: does Mark know what Jessica’s voice really sounds like? Does Jessica? What if all is revealed on their wedding day, which in LIB universe is only a day away? It’s the kind of thing that might cause Mark to rethink the relationship, one he has described as “1,000 percent real.”

What If You Found Out Your Fiancé Faked Their Voice?